Parent Testimonials

National Institute of Youth Performing Arts Australia

  • Kate - Parent W.A.

    I would personally like to thank-you for all the work and effort that went into this year’s tour. Being a teacher I know how hard it is to organize anything for a group of children let along something on such a huge scale.  My Tess had a wonderful time and I really appreciated and enjoyed the chance her mother and I had to join and see some of the many exciting things that she did.

    My girls have been in the Australian Youth Choir in Perth for many years and because of this have had many opportunities that probably wouldn’t have come their way. I will never be able to express how grateful I am to all the staff.

    Parent W.A.
  • Gordon - Headmaster

    We were delighted to act as hosts for the final section of your tour in England and we, too have many highly positive memories of the singing, dancing and warm human contact that it generated.  We would love to see you again and note with thanks your kind hospitality and friendship if any of us venture “down under”.

    Very best wishes
    Gordon - Headmaster
  • Noelle & Greg Nichols - Parents of Laura

    Laura started on her choral journey with the Australian Youth Choir and has never looked back.  She looked forward to the weekly rehearsals and took on every new challenge and chance to advance through the levels eagerly.  When she auditioned and was chosen for Chamber Choir she was delighted (as were we). This was where she had always aimed to be and she had worked steadily towards reaching that goal.  Her genuine love of music and the opportunities to study and progress given to her during her time with you cannot be measured but have always been apparent to others who appreciated the excellent tuition and experience she had gained.  

    In your hands she has blossomed grown as a musician and a young woman.  Her work with the choir has had such a positive flow‑on effect with her piano studies, AMEB Voice examinations and her involvement in her school choir and school productions where her experience with on‑stage performing proved invaluable.

    Best regards
    Noelle & Greg Nichols
  • Narelle Sillitoe - Parent of Max

    He has thoroughly enjoyed the experience for the past 3.5 years and has decided to move into drama/acting.
    Thank you for proving Max with all the wonderful growing support for him and turning a shy boy into a performing boy!!

    Narelle Sillitoe
  • Ross & Annemarie - Parents of Renae

    Our daughter’s excitement and enthusiasm hasn’t waned in the six years she has been a member of the Australian Youth Choir. This is a direct result of the staff and choristers involved. Apart from singing, the interaction with other choristers in other states has provided opportunities for new friendships and developed her confidence and ability to be self-sufficient. The “Cream on the Cake” for Renae was certainly her overseas trip to the USA in 2011.  ..  these trips are not just about the singing and the fun, the personal development that occurs as a result of removing these teenagers away from the apron strings and protection of their parents is significant and should not be underestimated.  No amount of schooling and talking will ever provide the lessons learned on trips such as these.
    Last year she said, “when I go to the Australian Youth Choir and talk to my Choir friends, they don’t care who you are, what you look like, what you have or don’t have or where you live. They just like you for who you are and we all have a common bond of a love to sing.” ... the culture being provided at the Australian Youth Choir is one certainly to be envied by any organisation or institution.
    Thank-you to all that have been involved during the past six years with our daughter, and we trust that many more families will benefit in the years to come being members of the Australian Youth Choir. Keep up the great work.

    Ross & Annemarie
    Parents of Renae
  • Lisa Pym - Parent

    Just wanted to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the choir concert on Saturday night at UTS! It was so great to hear all the choirs, and to see the kids enthusiasm. And you definitely have a little superstar in your midst- just how gorgeous was the little one dancing to the Beatles tunes?!!!
    I was involved with a choir at school for many years (which was more than a few years ago now!).  I'm really pleased she's now part of a professionally-run organisation and it shows in the performances. All the conductors seem to love what they do, and again, that comes through.
    We're now very much looking forward to the Town Hall!
    Thanks again for a great night.
    Lisa Pym - Parent
  • Kerrie - Parent Vic

    Ellie’s experiences with the Australian Youth Choir have been wonderful – we really don’t know where to start in listing the positives & we will continue to “sing” the Choir’s praises to budding vocalists we meet.

    Kerrie - parent

  • Jacqui - Parent Vic

    We cannot thank-you enough for the well organised and event filled tour that Liam experienced.  Liam will remember the tour for the rest of his life as an exciting, fun, educational and empowering experience and that can only be attributed to the wonderful AYC staff.

    Jacqui - parent