NIYPAA students have been undertaking international tours since 1989.

In 2015, our 32nd International Concert Tour took us to the United States. Students performed in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and concluded their 2 week adventure at Disneyland! This was the trip of a lifetime as we celebrated our 40th anniversary.  

The benefits of touring are many but it requires a strong commitment from families and students. Many weeks of rehearsal must take place before leaving for foreign shores.The joy of performing in some of the world's most prestigious and exciting locations can never be underestimated and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and eating new foods all adds to the excitement, making great memories.

Our students are escorted overseas by our dedicated staff and every tour includes some new city or experience. Some lucky students have participated in more than one! 

Information about touring is distributed to families each year and eligible students are encouraged to audition for a place.